Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father’s Day 2010

It has been a very nice day overall. I got two very nice cards today, one from the boys and one from Lory. I have been stressed out a little bit lately but its worth it. Working toward my degree is reminding me how much school can drive me nuts. I am so proud of Lory, she has started driving further than she has in years, and has been doing great in school (even if she doesn’t think so). Within the last two weeks we have built a play set that was annoying but the kids love it. Dug and installed the underground fence, just have to make a few tweaks  and then hopefully we can let Joy run free. Poor Richard was diagnosed with pneumonia two weeks ago, thought he was better and we found out it has actually gotten worse. I have to say the Lord is good even when we don’t expect or deserve it. I have grown to enjoy and look forward to going to the men’s group full of outdoors men. I know the Lord is doing some great things in my life even though we are having some rough times.