Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Standards for Choosing Leaders

While the standards that have been set for Elders and deacons are high, we should have high standards for all of us in Christian service, but especially those in leadership capacity. There are some people who might say that it is unfair for us to hold such a high standard toward those who are not officially listed in Scripture. I would say however, that if you are going to be in any type of leadership role your character must be examined and your maturity in Christ thoroughly evaluated. Because you are no longer only representing yourself in your Christian walk you have now taken on the name of an organization that may have a great community presence and glorifies the name of Christ.

By setting the standards of leadership inside the church to highest capacity, it helps to ensure that there are godly men and women who are in the proper roles. This does not mean that there will not be times when someone may seem like the perfect candidate on paper; while in actuality their personality does not mesh well with the rest of the team. It should also be noted that Paul was mainly describing the roles of men in the church forms of leadership; we could ask “What are the rules for women?” The rules for women should not be any different with the exception of things that speak of being the husband of one wife, she should be the wife of one husband.

Even with all of the safeguards in place you still have guarantee that there will be a successful ministry to take place. However, by using the criteria set forth in Scripture you are setting yourself up to be more successful than if you went merely by your gut or your own collection of pre-requisites. It is our job to trust that God has given us these qualifications to meet in order to be effective leaders in the body as well as make an impact in the community.