Monday, October 12, 2009

Joy from Pain

There are times i want to run and hide, but i cannot hide because what scares me lives inside. It has taken root and tries to grow. I try not to feed it but starve it instead, but it keeps growing larger im not sure how it gets fed. I lay down closing my eyes pretending it can see me, I know its still there waiting to devour me. Confused and affraid i cry out to God, help me please save me, wondering does he hear me?

If he does i dont know it have i done something wrong why wont he save me, i thought this was home was this where i belong? I look out into the night now there is a figure coming towards me its hard to make out, the fog is not in my eyes but my mind. He speaks gently calling my name telling me to follow him away from the pain. As we walk farther the fog begins to lift I realize who is walking with me, it the Fathers' precious gift. The Son is my guide whom i must follow for light. He felt more pain, shame and dispear on that day, so i can have joy after tonite.

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