Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review of Paul Washer’s Gospel Assurance and Warnings

            This work is the third so far in a series called Recovering the Gospel. It is a very good book that is full of footnotes, but the majority of his footnotes are Scripture references. While reading this book there were several time I felt gut punched, and then comforted by Washer’s words. For instance listen when he say’s “Because of an evangelical pulpit weakened by ignorance, pragmatism, and fear the professing church is filled with individuals who have never really been confronted with the gospel of Jesus Christ, have never heard any of the gospel’s warnings, and have little understanding of genuine biblical assurance.” (pg7)
            He goes on to condemn the teaching that there is such a thing as a carnal Christian ( I agree with his assessment). All of this is just in the first chapter there are nineteen chapters that take up just over 250 pages.  It is broken up into two parts, with part one focusing majorly on the book of 1 John and its contents. This is not something I would recommend as casual reading you must read this with the intent to solidify your stance in Christ or to figure out if you have been deceiving yourself. Washer never left the reader in a place of despair even for those who are not true believers he offers the gospel of grace to them in every turn allowing for repentance.
            He not only shows where a person can deceive themselves but how to on the right path or if a true believer may have gotten off the path there is a way of course correction. He does a good job throughout the book explaining that true Christians are going to make mistakes and fail but there is grace to bring us back in.  At the end of section one there is a summary of all that he had discussed and he offers twelve tests, for us to sure up our salvation.
            In making a recommendation of this book I would possibly hold off on giving it to a new believer because I would not want to scare them that they are a false convert but I say after a year of calling yourself a Christian that is a good amount of time, I would give this book to someone then. I would especially give it to a person who calls themselves a carnal Christian or even believes that there can be such a thing. He gives some very clear evidences as to why this term is oxymoronic.  Out of a five star rating system I give this book 4.5 stars.

I received a copy of this work for an honest and fair review from Cross Focused Media, I in no way had to give this work a positive review.

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