Friday, October 31, 2014

Preach the Gospel- An Answer to Sin and Nominalism

If there is one thing that rang through out the entire text of Spurgeon it was the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the true impact that it would have on a persons life. While I never explicitly saw where he addresses sin and nominalism in the text he does address the lack of respect for the Gospel that some people have, or that some have fallen victim to drunkenness. And that ultimately the answer to those problems is to continue to give the purest form of the Gospel possible. One thing that he spoke of more than anything else was how we as ministers are to behave, not as people of the world but as one called of God to represent him. Spurgeon says, “When we speak as ministers and not as men, as preachers instead of penitents, as theologians instead of disciples, we fail; when we lean our head too much upon the Commentary, and too little upon the Savior's bosom; when we eat too largely of the tree of knowledge, and too little of the tree of life, we lose the power of our ministry.” It is when we rely upon God and less upon ourselves that we keep sin and nominalism at bay. Christ and sin cannot live in the same space such as light and dark cannot.

Spurgeon calls out to us like a siren to the sailor on the sea, “Keep to the gospel, brethren, and you will keep to the one universal, never-failing remedy.” This shall keep us straight and true, while what we crash into shall be none less than our Lord and savior. As long as I heed his call to follow the Gospel and not divert course I will stay in line with Christ and feed his people the meat that they need to survive. In effort to avoid falling into heresy Spurgeon urges, “Preach the truth with all your hearts as God teaches it to you, and this plague will be stayed.” That is the greatest thing any preacher can do is not only rely upon the knowledge one receives from books/commentaries but allow the Lord to reveal things to you about the text. My ministry context right now is not that of a traditional pastor I am a small group leader/ pulpit supply preacher. In either of those instances though I do not want to make less of Christ but instead make much of Him. And as long as I stay true to the Gospel message and not preach a different one then that which I have received.

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