Thursday, December 11, 2014

8 Tips for Better Bible Study

Who among us doesn't want to study their Bible better. I know I do, and I'm a seminary student. So I can't imagine how the average Christian may feel about studying the Word for themselves. Over the years there have been a few handy things I have learned to do when I want to get deeper into a particular section of Scripture. There are certain steps that I take that allow me to see more deeply into what is being said besides the mere words written on the page. 

  1. I copy and print out the section of Scripture I want to look at. 
  2. With highlighter in hand, I look for repeated words and concepts. 
  3. Locate important words or theological terms.
  4. Make notes about my observations. 
  5. Then I use a study Bible along with a commentary to help me understand the background of the book.
  6. Re-read the section several more times to see if I missed anything. 
  7. With the new tools I begin to go verse by verse and see what is meant by the author. 
  8. Re-write in your own words what the author is trying to say. 

Now with these ideas/tips I hope it will help you to delve deeper into God's Word. If you need any suggestions on a good study Bible or commentaries please feel free to ask. 

What suggestions would you add to this list to help get deeper into the word? 

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