Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One mans view on race relations

Tonight is just one of those nights where sleep eludes me. There is not much on my mind. I see a lot of my friends having a lot to say about the events in Ferguson, MO. I don’t have much to say because I was not there and do not know what evidence was or was not presented. Some may say that I am being racially insensitive by not being outraged over the fact that a young black male is dead and a white cop is not being charged with murder/wrongful death. I say that my response is not to jump to make a rash decision for either side of the case, again because I do not know the whole story. There are only two people who truly know what happened that day and one of them is buried and in the ground.
One thing I saw on my Facebook feed that made me just nod in agreement came from a black friend. She said I quote “This is why we get treated like animals....cause we act like it! Smh Go home and get on your knees and ‪#‎Humbleyourselvesandpray There is rioting and looting taking place in MO right now, which is serving no good to any community all it does is bring people down. I will never understand how a mob mentality works especially when it works against your own people. All you are doing is harming the community you claim to love. It is not the “white man” doing this but the people who live there.

What this community needs to be treated with is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They need to understand that while it may seem like justice has not been served, leave it in the hands of Christ. He is the ultimate judge and jury. If this officer is not a believer he will pay the ultimate price in eternal torment, and if he is a believer he can experience a forgiveness that no human being can offer. The only reason we have a sense of justice is because of God and what he has engrained into us. Let us learn to trust him and his great plan. I am no authority on race relations; I know that I have friends I would never want to see on either end of this spectrum. I’m going to follow the words of Proverbs 10:19 and stop talking here, this was just one mans perspective on a situation that has caught the attention of a nation.  

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