Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lessons learned from a day in the woods

 It is amazing. Gods' creation that is. Thanks to a loving wife, who has been home with two troublesome little boys today. It is refreshing being able to get out into Gods creation, not everyone gets this opportunity. My wife being one of those people. I have to commend her because she is trying very hard to be a Proverbs 31 woman.

Why call this post a day in he woods? Because I have learned a lot today. I have realized that I at times take my wife for granted, and for that I repent. I hope that she will forgive me. I have also learned that I need times in my life without a bunch of distractions, I have had my phone which I have been on but for good. Trying to inspire others. I wish I knew how to love my family better is something this time of renewal has shown me. I can be a bit abbrasive and need to not be so stressed out. It is not only good for me but is good for my family. Even the Lord took time away from other people to rejuvenate (John 6:22; 8:9). I hope to find a way to give the same type of time to my wife. We are both students with children who are in school. The Lord is good we will make a way.

How are you taking time to rejuvenate? Is it actually refreshing or is it full of distractions that cause you to feel just as tired as when you started? I was able to come home and be a fresh pair of eyes to a situation that needed a new perspective. How can you get a change of perspective? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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