Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Richard M. Hannula's Bitesize Biography of Samuel Rutherford

Richard M. Hannula's Bitesize Biography of Samuel Rutherford was a delightful read. It is about the Scottish pastor in the 1600's, who was for Presbyterian way of church compared to the Anglican or Church of England way. I am not one to generally read a biography, but this one was fun to read. The paragraphs are in small manageable chunks not being much larger than six to seven sentences. Hannula did a great job in quoting Rutherford from his writings whether it was a book or one of his letters written to a parishioner.
Like the title suggests this is a bite size book it comes in at just 138 pages. Each page filled with nuggets of goodness.  The first chapter was a good introduction into who Rutherford was and his background. It was not until I got into the second chapter when the pen came out; and I really started circling and underling all of the great gems either about Rutherford and the things he had to overcome or his great insights. Rutherford truly had the heart of a pastor in the way he shepherded the people of Anwoth. Listen to this recount, “Each day, he visited the bedsides of the sick and comforted the grieving. Rutherford took his calling seriously and ministered to his people as one who must give  an account to God. He told a friend that concerns for his flock brought forth in him ‘tears, cares, fears and daily prayers.’” (pg 31).

Samuel Rutherford Bitesize Biography 
This has been a great read, and I don’t say that often. I would recommend this work to everyone from the elementary school student all the way up to the DMin. This work was very encouraging to me as a seminary student to know we will face trials but God is still in control.

In accordance with the Law I was given a review copy of this work  from Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for a far a balanced review. It did not have to be a positive review.

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